December 9, 2023

Cultivating Healthy Eating Habits in Children: Expert Advice


In the journey of childhood, nutrition is the compass guiding growth and development. Every parent aspires to see their child thrive, but the path to nurturing healthy eating habits can be daunting. Join us as we explore the vital role of good nutrition in a child’s life and discover expert insights on how to navigate the challenges.

The Significance of Good Eating Habits:

When it comes to children, good nutrition is a superpower. It’s the force that stabilizes their energy levels, sharpens their minds, and ensures they ride the rollercoaster of emotions with grace. Healthy eating doesn’t just make children feel good; it keeps them at a normal weight and brimming with energy for school and play. But the influence of nutrition goes beyond childhood. 

Dr. Han Wee Meng, Head and Senior Principal Dietitian at KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital (KKH), part of the SingHealth group, affirms that establishing healthy eating habits paves the way for a lifetime of well-being. 

Dr. Han underlines the threats of unhealthy eating, which can set children on an unfaithful path towards rotundity and affiliated conditions like sleep diseases, diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular conditions.

Likewise, depriving children of proper nutrition can limit the variety of essential nutrients they admit, particularly those set up in fruits and vegetables. Vitamins, phytochemicals, and beneficial fiber are pivotal for maintaining good health and shouldn’t be overlooked.

Expert Insights from KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital:

At KKH, the experts are well aware of the role nutrition plays in a child’s life. Dr. Han Wee Meng stands at the forefront of this battle, advocating for good eating habits as a cornerstone of a healthy future. 

Tips for Instilling Healthy Eating Habits: 

Children are like sponges, absorbing everything around them. Their dietary habits take shape before the age of five, making early childhood the perfect time to sow the seeds of healthy eating. The patterns they develop now are likely to accompany them into adulthood. Toddlers are no strangers to asserting their independence. As they discover autonomy, they might prefer self-feeding and exhibit selectivity in their food choices.

Pressuring or coercing them into eating can lead to resistance. The secret to success lies in creating a positive mealtime atmosphere. Offer a diverse array of nutritious foods to tantalize their taste buds, expanding their palate in the process. Remember, you are their role model, so let your healthy eating habits shine as an example they can follow. 


Cultivating healthy eating habits in children is like planting a tree that will bear fruit for a lifetime. The benefits extend far beyond childhood, offering a promise of well-being and vitality in the years to come. As parents and caregivers, the power is in your hands to guide children on this nourishing journey. Embrace a positive and supportive approach, and watch as they flourish in the embrace of good nutrition.