December 7, 2023

Exploring Property Management Technology Examples and Tools:


Property Operation has come a long way, thanks to advancements in technology. In the moment’s fast-paced real estate geography, property directors are faced with multitudinous tasks and liabilities. Embracing technology is the key to staying efficient and competitive. In this article, we’ll delve into ten essential property management tasks and recommend valuable tools to streamline your operations.

The Tools Property Managers Use:

Property managers, like many professionals, often resist change. The familiar sight of Excel spreadsheets, Post-It Notes, and whiteboards might offer comfort, but these outdated methods don’t cut it anymore. To grow your business and regain your time and peace of mind, it’s essential to leverage property management software and apps.

10 Property Management Technology Examples and Tools 

1. Listing Platforms

Listing platforms like Zillow and Redfin are well-known for finding new tenants. However, Apartment List is another valuable platform that shouldn’t be overlooked. It offers ease of use and a robust online presence, making it a solid choice for expanding your reach.

2. Automated Showings

Automated showings are a game-changer. Services like Rently allow property managers to automate the entire showing process, from start to finish. With Rently Blue, prospective tenants can securely access a lockbox using their smartphone, eliminating the need for property managers to be physically present during showings.

3. Automated Outreach

Outreach can be time-consuming, but property management technology provides solutions. Tools like Contact Junkie automate outreach, enabling automatic email and SMS responses the moment a lead engages. This helps maintain leads, track their interactions, and streamline your communication. 

4. Automated Lead Qualifying

Lead qualification is crucial but time-consuming. AI chatbots, such as Structurely, can send emails and text messages to leads, ensuring you spend time on prospects likely to convert. You can program the chatbots to perform tasks instantly, eliminating the need for manual follow-ups. 

5. 3D Tours

3D tours are a revolutionary tool for engaging potential tenants. NodalView enhances 3D tours’ accessibility and usability, allowing you to create immersive property experiences easily, even with a smartphone. 

6. Automated Lead Nurturing

Nurturing leads is essential to maintain a steady flow of prospects. Automated lead nurturing software, like RealScout, simplifies this task. It can send automated messages and listings pulled from your MLS based on individual lead criteria.

7. Inspections

Property inspections are streamlined with software like Tap Inspect. This SaaS tool enables property managers to record inspection information on-site and generate easy-to-read reports instantly, saving time and hassle. 

8. Automated Manual Logistics

Tools like KeyMe revolutionize manual tasks, such as key delivery. Clients can send smartphone pictures of their keys through the KeyMe app, allowing property managers to create perfect copies at a KeyMe kiosk. 

9. Tenant Management

For tenant management, tools like Rentpal offer leasing, tenant portals for rent viewing, and rent payment features. Ideal for single-property managers looking to streamline operations. 

10. All-in-One Property Management

The ultimate solution is all-in-one property management software, and DoorLoop is a prime example. With features covering property accounting, maintenance management, leasing, marketing, tenant, and owner portals, it’s your master hub for property management. DoorLoop is known for its customer service, speed, and QuickBooks Online integration. 


In conclusion, property management technology has evolved to simplify tasks, enhance efficiency, and drive growth. To thrive in the competitive real estate market, property managers must adapt to these advancements. By exploring the ten property management tasks and tools recommended here, you can streamline your operations, reduce workload, and stay ahead in the industry. Utilizing the latest property management technology not only saves time but also elevates your property management game to a whole new level. Embrace the tech, and watch your business thrive!